Edible Exhibition
Bo.lan has always been vocal and active about education and the environment from the beginning. We are delighted to announce ‘Bo.lan Educational Program’ as our latest addition to our family. The program aims to be both physical and virtual school for everyone who is interested how food and environment intersect whether they work in the hospitality industry or not. There are 3 main pillars. The first is ‘Food Production’ where we investigate and present the current state of our food system through all kinds of occupations and how we can make it better. The second is ‘Culinary Wisdom’ whether from the past or contemporary that should be acknowledged for constructively adaptation and improvement. The third is ‘Eco-gastronomy’ on approaches, applications and innovations that can make a positive impact to the environment. From online content to workshops and classes. The Bo.lan community space welcomes everyone who wants to learn and get first hand experience whereas online resources and virtual events are for people out there to easily access materials and allow the community to connect, exchange, and expand. Any meal can be a learning experience too, and as part of celebration to the official launch of the program. We have created an ‘Edible Exhibition’ under a special tasting menu ‘Never Ending Amuse Bouche’ which started on Sunday 14th February 2021. The tasting menu presents an immersive eco-gastronomy excursion. The trails of ingredients from four regions, Cooking heritages of enclaves and cultural identities that represent livelihood and food production that coexist with nature. Each flight comprises 3 bites and is categorized according to cooking techniques and how people in Thailand eat. Which chefs and Bo.lan service team will guide and introduce you to the histories and stories of how each bite came to be and to be enjoyed. Edible Exhibition curated by Bo.lan Education program Thursday to Sunday Midday service, seating start 12:00 Sukumvit 53 Duration of Exhibition: 6 months Bite is subjected to changed according to availability and sesonality of natural, wild and organic produces Exhibition Fee 5 flights 1,200++ per person ( >15 bites ) 8 flights 1,800++ per person ( > 24 bites) Additional flight, surcharge at 380++

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