Never ending amuse exhibition, indulge in eternal taste 
Bo.lan Educational program has recently launched ‘Never Ending Amuse Bouche’ an edible exhibition at Bo.lan that takes one through thematic flights with bites exploring and educating on the history and food culture of Thailand in an easy to understand form, creating a unique dining experience adding a new element to the Thai fine dining landscape. The pleasure of eating and care for the earth should not be mutually exclusive The exhibition is a visual representation of our efforts to achieve minimal negative impacts to the environment.
The never ending amuse is a transitional exhibition designed to share the joy of Gastronomy, local history, geography, politics, society, culture, diet, agriculture, fisheries and environmental stewardship.
Almost like a stellar curation of the past twelve years that Bo.lan has been showcasing local ingredients, lesser known and disappearing dishes, interpretation of what was once enjoyed in the past, and how nature is the heart of food always adapting according to the season, customer experience and growing knowledge & understanding of the cooks as they evolve.
The amuse flights often take one on a journey of discovery whether it be refreshing, spicy, light, heavy, sweet, sour, salty, The variety in flavours is not our only consideration when designing the amuse, there is a textural element that plays an important role also. The amuse is the first experience before moving on to the meal itself, which has a clear structure of always including a salad, stir-fry, curry, relish, soup, and accompaniment.  
never ending amuse exhibition is an extension of the bo.lan philosophy in conjunction with the Bo.lan educational program either 5 or 8 amuses, each consisting of 3 bites, each bite flavourful and morish so people never want it to end.
1. refreshing   
Seasonal fruit is the star of this amuse and reflects the huge biodiversity in Thailand, it’s a also a wonderfully light way to open up the meal and prepare the palate for the rest of the exhibition.  
2. kiss of steam    
This dish represents a method of cooking using steam, a popular yet under appreciated method in Thai cuisine.  Steaming allows us to delve into different types of Thai dishes such as curries or forgotten snacks.  A contrast of textures are always important so a crispy element such as rice cakes are paired with this dish.
3 Before they were sweets
Today Thai food especially the snacks found on the street are predominately sweet, however this was not always the case. Traditionally there was a savoury aspects to many snacks that would be given to the family in between meals. In this amuse we explore the old relationship with “snacks”
Regional Flare
Thailand is a culturally diverse country were many ethnicities live often in very close quarters with each other but still managed to preserve their own distinct identities. This is more than evident if you consider their cuisines. This flight travels between the different cultures, sharing the culinary wisdom from different regions and peoples such as,Karen, Hmong, Yao, Lisu, Lahu, Akha to name just a few.     
5. Relished
In our opinion relishes should really be the dish that represents Thailand. They are found in every region, they showcase local varieties of fruits and vegetable. This amuse we want to raise the awareness of how diverse relishes are and champion the local varietals and biodiversity of Thailand’s landscape
6. based on a staple
Single plates are common in Thai society especially when one is eating alone or on the go, today these dishes are quite similar and many are based on noodles or rice. Bo.lan wants to explore the past and present single plate dishes that are becoming harder to find in daily life.
7. all wrapped up
Betel chewing is all but banned nowadays in Thailand yet remnants of this tradition still exist in the form of “miang”. Miang derived from the Lanna word meaning tea leaves. Although now it’s more a colloquial term for bites wrapped or folded in leaves then consumed, This amuse will traverse not only the external elements of the leaves themselves but also the fillings for each.
8. Grilled
It is undeniable that grilling is the first step in developing food culture within every civilization. To cook food directly by fire and with relatively little to no kitchen equipment. Thai food is no different and this final savory amuse articulates this cooking medium in the context of Thai cuisine
The question remains what are the bites in each amuse. 
Find answers in Sukhumvit 53 
With our edible food exhibition  
Service date and time  
Thursday to Sunday    
12: 00noon. One round
Bo.lan 24 Sukhumvit soi 53      
The exhibition will run until mid year however is subject to change.  
The food will change according natural Organic availability
exhibition attendance fee  
8 amuse 2,800 ++ per person   
Add  a sweet amuse  for an addition of 380 baht ++.